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I write paranormal and contemporary romance. I will be re-releasing my PNR series in March 2017, The Dance and Lana's Calling, and working on the 3rd in the series. If you like paranormal romance, check out my books and be ready to have your heart pound in love...and fear! I will be providing a free novella prequel to The Dance very soon. For anyone signing up for my Golden Hills Legacy series, I will send that book to you when ready.

If you like contemporary romance, you'll love my standalone books all set in the same town of Destiny where fate hunts you down and drags you through the cornfields!

Love rules in all my stories, so have your Kleenex ready!

I will be updating about each series, so if you only read the one, then ignore that newsletter. I promise hot romances in all, so don't miss out!

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